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handgun is small and lightweight – making it popular for concealed carry. And while you may lose accuracy compared to shooting a rifle or shotgun, some of the most popular calibers in the world are designed for handguns. The .45 Colt. The 9mm Luger. The .357 Magnum. The .40 Smith & Wesson. Not only are each of these cartridges an iconic piece of ammo history, but they also influenced the development of modern handgun ammunition.

These legendary calibers are just the beginning. From military and law enforcement use to home protection and concealed carry, you will find handgun ammo for a variety of uses.

The history of shotgun ammunition is complex and interesting, like so many other stories in the history of weapons. The reliability and efficiency of the technique have been improved since the first time black powder was ignited to fire a projectile out of a tube. It all began more than a century ago, when shooters found that birds and small, swift-moving wildlife were the best targets for shot pellets. Shot pellets were used by military shooters as well. However, until certain substantial developments in technology, powder, and rifle design, shotguns did not undergo much modification.

With the introduction of breech loading shotguns, which first discharged two types of shells—brass and paper—the development of shotgun ammunition truly took off.

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