Reloder 33 – Alliant Powder 8lbs


Alliant Powder Reloader 33


Smokeless magnum rifle powder
Explicit cartridge loads need explicit fuel to perform to their ballistic pinnacle. That is the reason Alliant Powder® put incalculable long periods of innovative work into making Reloder® 33. The high level powder is explicitly defined for the long-range .338 Lapua, in spite of the fact that it is likewise great for a scope of enormous magnum rounds.

Explicitly intended for the .338 Lapua
Additionally appropriate for an assortment of huge magnum bullets
Better parcel than part consistency
Chief Purpose: .338 Lapua
Optional Uses: Large Magnum Cartridges

Caution: This item can open you to synthetic compounds which are known by the territory of California to cause disease and birth abandons, or other conceptive damage. For more data go to –


Reloder 33

A century of experience in manufacturing and the most stringent quality control procedures in the industry support each container of Alliant smokingless powder. In a ballistic laboratory, chemical composition, grain shape, size and overall density are constantly tested for consistency.

Produced in Switzerland by Rheinmetall Nitrochemical Some of the same features as Reloder 17 are shared by Reloder 33. Reloder 33 uses the same proprietary burn rate control elements impregnated in kernels. This enables the pressure curve to be consistent, with the late spike adding up to 150 ft/s to a similar powder. This powder, which was developed for the 338 Lapua Magnum, works very well with other large magnum and ultra-magnum capacities.

Next, Alliant introduces Reloder 33, a powder that is first introduced in Reloder 17 using the same kernel-impregnation technology. Nitrochemie also makes Reloder 17. Alliant’s powder Reloder 33 uses a proprietary process like Reloder 17, through which the powder kernels are impregnated with the elements controlling the burn rate. The peak pressure point is delayed and the pressure curve is smoothed. This effectively enables the powder to produce energy at a steadier rate, generating a total speed of up to 150 fps more than any other powder. Reloder 33 has been designed for the Lapua Magnum, but it can be fitted with other large and ultra-magnum magnums.

To reach their ballistic peak, certain cartridge loads require special propellants. This is why, after years of research and development, Alliant Powder® developed Reloder® 33.The advanced powder is specially designed for the Lapua Long Range, but also for a variety of large rifle cartridges.

Designed specifically for the Lapua .38
Suitable also for a range of large gun cartouches
Superior compatibility to a lot.


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